About this Chapter


My name is Monica Montgomery, and this is my story.

My chapter has touched on many aspects of my life. I have shared with you, the hardships my life has endured. Yet, I have shown you that if you care about life, and those around you, nothing can stop you from coming out a winner.

 You must persist until you succeed. I share my story to inspire all of you that have been through a crisis, to get back up and start living life again. I have shared my journey, which has taught me about the cruelties of life, as well as the good times. I take you from the time of my kidnapping where my life lacked any happy childhood memories, to being on the run with my mother and siblings, as we escaped our captor, and headed for safety. 

My chapter reveals, what I was in the beginning, to who I believe I am now. My intent is to offer you hope and show you that a wonderful future can exist for you too.

There are no magical lives that come for free without remorse or regrets. And, my life is no different. However, overcoming abuse, a kidnapping, a deepened, gut-aching sadness, and despair, has taught me to find comfort…anywhere and to have hope. Be inspired by my story and opening up to you of what I have gone through and where I am today.